Welcome to our family page!

We are Lindsay & Eleanor Smith, and our children are Robert,  Amy and Edward.

As a family we have lived in:

  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Carlow, Ireland
  • Cambridge, New Zealand
  • Matangi, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

Lindsay also lived in Asunción, Paraguay from 1951 until 1956 where his father Dr Gordon Smith was a medical missionary with the Open Brethren assemblies.  Dr Smith worked on the missionary launch "El Mensajero" on the river Paraguay and Lindsay and his brother Allan attended the Colegio Internacional in Asunción, Paraguay.

On their return to New Zealand Lindsay & Allan attended Nelson College from 1957 until 1961.  Lindsay later studied at Victoria University in Wellington and Canterbury University in Christchurch.

Lindsay’s grandfather, Allan Smith, pioneered the missionary work on the Paraguay and Amazon rivers starting in 1908.  We were privileged to attend the Paraguayan Centenary celebrations of this work in 2008. 

You can read Allan Smith's full illustrated biography, "Pioneering on the Rivers" here.

Lindsay is the director of the New Zealand branch of the Emmaus Bible Correspondence School, possibly the world's largest Bible school.  Emmaus supplies over 1,100,000 Bible courses each year in over 100 languages and countries.  Lindsay has also published an exciting new hymnbook called Redemption Hymns.

Eleanor was educated in New Zealand at the Christchurch Girls High School and at Canterbury University.  She is a biochemist and is employed as a scientist at the ESR laboratory near Wellington. Eleanor's maiden name was Henkel and her father's family were Germans who lived in Latvia.  Eleanor loves swimming and gardening and has grown a 270kg (594 lbs) pumpkin!

We are Christian believers in fellowship with the Open Brethren assemblies and attend the Tawa Gospel Hall in Wellington, New Zealand.

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