Lindsay's Articles and Sermons

  • The Miraculous Book

    A famous British scientist called Stephen Hawking has published a book called “The Grand Design” in which he claims that you don’t need God to explain the Universe.

    As he insists that the Universe didn’t have a Designer, he probably should have called his book “The Grand Accident” rather than “The Grand Design.

  • Before Time and Space Began

    All known ancient religious books – except the Bible – assume that time and space are eternal. Only the Bible boldly states that time and space originally did not exist.
  • Benefits of Christian Living

    There are many reasons to believe the Bible is true – but today we'll consider a completely different reason to believe the Bible:
    Following the Bible’s instructions for living gives measurable benefits during this life.
  • Sure of Heaven? Totally!

    Many Christians are unsure of Heaven because they think they're not good enough.  You can be sure!
  • Prophecy Proves the Bible

    The Bible’s amazing prophetic accuracy.  
    The Bible tells the future before it happens - and doesn’t get it wrong.  
    Bible prophecies fulfilled during the last 100 years are powerful evidence of biblical accuracy.