• The Miraculous Book

    You might have noticed in the news a few years ago that a famous British scientist called Stephen Hawking published a book called “The Grand Design” in which he claims that you don’t need God to explain the Universe.

    As he insists that the Universe didn’t have a Designer, he probably should have called his book “The Grand Accident” rather than “The Grand Design .

  • Heaven

    Where is it?  What's it like?  How do you get there?  Will we know our friends and family? Let's look at some of the amazing things the Bible says about Heaven.


  • Benefits of Christian Living

    There are many reasons to believe the Bible is true – but today we'll consider a completely different reason to believe the Bible:
                                 Following the Bible’s instructions for living
                               gives measurable benefits during this life.
  • Prophecy Proves the Bible

    The Bible’s amazing prophetic accuracy.  The Bible tells the future before it happens - and doesn’t get it wrong.  This is the missing element in the sacred writings of the non-Christian religions.  False gods can’t foretell the future.
  • Zero Point Calvinism

    I grew up in a passionately evangelistic assembly (church) where we were taught the “railroad track” view of...

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